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Now we don’t want to sound like a "know it all" but we appreciate that the idea of catering yourself can add all sorts of unnecessary stress and really take the enjoyment away from a birthday party, event or function as the host...

Keep it simple, save yourself the time and leave it to us to feed all those hungry bellies while you enjoy peace of mind. 

All you need to know – catering @ just $6 a head, there’s 16 different ways to eat a hotdog and we carry 4 types of frankfurt. 60 ways to enjoy your didely dog! Just quietly we also look fantastic set up in your backyard or office.

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At this present time we are working with 2 models; the Modular Cart HDC 5 and the Mini-Cart HDC 11. These carts options cover a wide variety of location requirements. You may also wish to have multiple carts service your event, where larger numbers need to be looked after quickly.